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B.A. Spanish
M.Ed. Spanish Education
Ed.S. Teaching and Learning

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8 years teaching Spanish

About Me
I am originally from Georgia and am now back in Atlanta after a few years away in Tennessee and Illinois.  My husband is from Colombia and after 8 trips there, it holds a very special place in my heart as well.  I've taught almost all grades and levels of Spanish, but the majority of my teaching was at the high school level teaching Spanish I and II.

In 2011 I traded in my Señora Cruz title for Mommy so that I could stay home with my baby boy.  I am now the mom of two little boys who are 19 months apart.  Now that my boys are toddlers I decided to become a Teachers Pay Teachers author so that I could stay in touch with education trends, use my teacher brain again, and create and share resources with fellow Spanish teachers.  I think it's pretty neat that as I am home with my children, I can create resources that may inspire teachers and allow them to in turn spend more time with their families.

I love seeing my resources in action!  If you have photos of your classroom or projects that your students have created with Sra. Cruz resources, it would make my day to see them!  You can email me or tag me on instagram (@sracruzspanish).

I love to travel and we especially love going on cruises with our little family.  I am soccer obsessed and love to support Real Madrid from afar and go to Atlanta United FC games.  I enjoy exercising and love my Body Pump and Zumba classes.  I also love my Fitbit!  I enjoy cooking new healthy recipes for my family.  I love to binge watch Netflix and read in my spare time!


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and I thought I'd say THANKS! I am in my 3rd year of teaching Spanish in high school (STARTING TOMORROW) and you have given me some umph that I desperately needed! GRACIAS!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet words, Hailey! I hope you have an awesome school year! Let me know if there's ever anything you need! ~Katherine

  3. Buenas tarde, le escribo la presente para agradecerle por su creatividad y sus servicios. Yo enseno en una “middle school” y tenia algunos problemas con “classroom managment”. Buscando ideas me encontré con varios productos suyos. Que me han ayudado mucho y lo siguen haciendo.

    1. Veronica, muchísimas gracias por compartir sus palabras tan lindas-es un placer poder ayudarles a otras profesoras. Un abrazo grande!

  4. Senorita Cruz, cuando he comprado algunos de sus productos en Teachers pay teachers salen algunas ofertas de sus productos pero nunca los encuentro. Me podría ayudar


  5. Está hablando de los productos que ve en las páginas finales de un producto? Puede hacer clic en la foto. Si es un PowerPoint tiene que estar en Slideshow. Si no, me puede mandar un email y puedo tratar de ayudarla. sracruztpt@gmail.com