Spanish Teachers on Instagram

I just LOVE instagram!  I think it's a great way to see a snapshot (literally!) of people's lives.  We can see teachers' ideas on Pinterest, articles on Facebook, and thoughts on Twitter, but I feel that Instagram is the most personal of social media, at least for the teachers that I follow.  I wanted to share some of my Spanish teacher friends on Instagram that you should check out.  Not only will you see awesome ideas for teaching Spanish, but you'll also see their family life, travels, humor, day to day experiences, and of course food!  I'll also share some hashtags that you can use on Instagram to find other Spanish teachers and Spanish resources.  In addition, I'll include info on how you can use Instagram to find authentic resources for your Spanish classes.

Spanish Teachers on Instagram
Here's my Instagram!  I love to post memes, travel photos, Spanish ideas, and life with 2 little boys.

Check out my Spanish teacher buddies below.  You can click on each image to go to their Instagram and follow them. 





Let's talk hashtags!  On thing that is trending on Instagram is "Teacher Tribes."  The idea is to find other teachers in your area to follow and collaborate with.  There are grade level tribes (#kindergartentribe #secondgradetribe) and geographical tribes (#TNteachertribe #texasteachertribe).  To find other Spanish teachers, click on the hashtag #spanishtribe.  And don't forget to tag your photos with #spanishtribe to help other Spanish teachers find you!

Here are some hashtags you can use to find other Spanish teachers, ideas, and resources:

Using Instagram in Your Spanish Class
Finally, check out Justin from's post about other Instagram accounts you can follow to find authentic resources to use in your Spanish class!

I hope you've found this post helpful to start making connections, get to know your #spanishtribe, and find resources for your Spanish class on Instagram.  If you're on instagram, leave your username and favorite hashtags in the comments so I can follow you!


  1. Love Instagram as an easy way for us Spanish teachers to connect. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Oh wow! Just what I needed! :D I'm an English teacher from Spain and I'd love to join your tribe! I'll make sure I'll use it from now on!
    My account is (at)RemeiGG. Great post!!

  3. Thanks for the accounts to follow!

  4. Great post! Also, your students and you can participate in our #InstagramELE challenges! It is open to everyone!. The main account in IG is @desafioinstagramele.

    Instructions for students are here:


  5. I will try to use your hashtags from now on!