The Best Trip I've Ever Taken

After the whirlwind that was the Teachers Pay Teachers conference, I'm trying to get back into the swing of blogging.  I'm linking up again this week with Monica from I Heart Grade 3 for her summer weekly blogging topics.  I was so excited to meet Monica at the conference!  Thank you for introducing yourself, Monica!  It was great to meet you face to face after learning so much about you from these link ups!

So this week's topic is The Best Trip I've every taken!  This is an easy decision but not an easy one to write about because we did so much on this trip!  In 2010 my husband and I were thinking that kids were on the horizon for us.  So we decided it was the right time to take what we refer to as "the trip of a lifetime."  Now I really hope we can take more trips like this in our lifetime, and how awesome would it be to experience a trip like this with our boys!?

We booked a Mediterranean cruise and I immediately started preparing!  I had a notebook with our itinerary, metro maps, train schedules, and even a pocket Italian book.  With only one day in each port, we had to maximize our time!

We first flew into Barcelona where we spent 2 days exploring the city.  Then our cruise went from Barcelona to Monaco/Nice, Pisa/Florence, Rome, Pompeii/Sorrento, and Palma Mallorca.  Despite our limited time in each port, we were able to see almost all of the major tourist stops in each city.  It was an amazing vacation and we loved every minute of it!  Here are just a few (of over 1000!) photos of us from our trip:
Parc Guell in Barcelona

Monte Carlo from the ship



Palma Mallorca, Spain



This trip sparked a love of cruising for us and we've been on many more cruises since.  It is a joy to cruise with our boys and they love it just as much as we do.  The amazing history and the amount that we experienced in this 10-day trip definitely makes it our best trip so far.  I really hope we can cruise to Europe again soon!
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  1. What an action packed trip! I loved looking at your pictures.

  2. Hello!

    Oh my goodness! Was it ever a pleasure to meet you in Vegas! Thank goodness for your logo bag or I might have missed you!

    Isn't cruising the best! There is nothing like a floating hotel! Sun, relaxation, tropical drinks! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! My husband and I are planning to do the Disney Cuise with our children this March. It will be my 3rd cruise and the first for my 2 youngest. I am pretty sure they will enjoy the experience!

    Thanks again for linking up!


  3. Now that is a 'trip of a lifetime'! It's still something that I would love to do!

    How old were your children when you took them on their first cruise? We have a few cruises here to Mozambique (which is nothing like your Mediterranean one) and it works out very cost effective as children travel free. I know I still have to wait a while before my son actually responds to the word "No", but can see a few family vacations on a cruise liner in the future.

    Loved your photos!


    1. Hi, Margaux! We took our oldest at 15 months and our youngest at 8 months! It's a lot of work, but they love it! The last cruise we took was amazing because the youngest had just turned 2 so they both got to go to the kids camp! So that gave us a couple of hours in the morning and evening on our was glorious! 😊