Wishlist Wednesday

This week I am teaming up with some fellow Spanish teachers to offer Wishlist Wednesday.  For #WishlistWednesday, we take one of our most wish-listed products from our TpT store and offer it at a discount.  It's so convenient to add products to your wish list for future purchase.  Fortunately, TpT lets sellers see how many people have wish-listed each of our products.
By far, my most wish-listed product is my Cultura Diaria!  It's on more than 4 times as many wishlists as the next closest product!  I think it's popular because it can be difficult to find the time to teach culture sometimes.  Cultura Diaria has a fact related to Hispanic culture for each day of the school year.  The themes included are benefits of learning Spanish, Spanish-speaking countries, holidays, celebrations, and famous Hispanics.  I used Cultura Diaria as part of our routine at the beginning of class.  Students copy the Cultura Diaria, I showed them any related photographs or video clips, and we would discuss.  Once per quarter they would take an open-note quiz over the Cultura Diaria.  You could also use the topics as bonus point questions on quizzes or tests.  I learned so much when I created this project and I know your students will learn so much too!  So be sure to check it out this week before the price goes back up!  I'm also working on some fun updates to my Cultura Diaria, so buying now ensures that you will lock in this price and still get the benefits of the updates!  Get more info about it here.

Be sure to also check out what other Spanish teachers are offering for Wishlist Wednesday!  Click on the image below for more discounted products!

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