TpT Vegas Style and Essentials!

Today I'm linking up with Teach. Inspire. Change. and It's Elementary, My Dear to post my style and packing ideas for the #TpTVegas15 conference!  I haven't quite narrowed down all of my choices, but I'll post my options!  After losing 40 pounds, I ditched most of my old clothes.  So I don't have a ton of options, but I do have some fun new things!  My thought process for planning my selections are daytime/sightseeing wear, conference wear, and evening wear.  I'm also posting my handbag essentials!

So let's get started!  On Wednesday, I get in super early to Vegas.  I'll probably catch a cab to my hotel and at least try to drop off my suitcase.  I'm not sure if I'll have a chance to change, so I may just fly in my Wednesday outfit.  I'll probably wander around sightseeing for a bit, and then I'll meet my BFF Emilie aka Island Teacher when her flight gets in.  Then we'll head over to our lunchtime meetup for the Real Housewives of TpT.  I just love that name!  Here are my casual options:
So I'm thinking shorts/cute shirt combo to beat the heat?  I'm probably leaning most towards the middle outfit.  And hey, I can wear white because I'm not around my kids who always get me dirty!

That evening we have the big Blogger meetup.  We're also planning on seeing a show or two in the evenings.  So I have some nighttime dress ideas:
These are a few fun dresses that I think will be perfect for nighttime!

Next is conference wear!  I think I'm going with maxi dresses for the conference days.  They are so comfy but cute and they'll keep my legs from freezing in the conference area!  Here are my options:
I'm not sure which ones I'll wear and I may just bring them all! :)  I'll probably also bring a cardigan to throw on if I get cold.  

Now for shoes!  I was having the age-old struggle of finding shoes that are cute, yet comfortable since I know I'll be doing lots of walking!  Here are my shoes options:
I love these silver wedges for the casual outfits.  And these canvas strappy wedges are so cute and comfortable!  They'll work for my maxi dresses and some of my nighttime dresses.  And these silver sandals will be cute with some of my other dresses.  I'm also bringing my Fitbit ChargeHR to see how many steps I get in these shoes each day!

And finally, here are my handbag essentials!

Here's what's in my purse:
  • TpT Vegas Notebook from Ta-Doodles Illustrations
  • My logo name tag from Purely Personalized on Etsy
  • DoTERRA peppermint beadlets for fresh breath and a keychain with a few other essential oils in case I need anything
  • Jackery portable charger to keep my electronics charged
  • Sunglasses
  • Lip balm
  • My Kindle loaded with my conference handouts for notetaking
  • Business cards designed by RebeccaB Designs who also made my logo
  • Pens and styluses 
  • My Sra. Cruz canvas bag rolled up to hold extra swag
  • And a water bottle!  I never go anywhere without water!  I think my bottles are too big to carry in my purse though.  I haven't been able to find a cute smaller one, so I may have to take one of my boy's water bottles!
  • {Not pictured:  cell phone (I used it for the photo!) and my wallet...better not forget that!}

So that wraps up my style and fashion essentials.  Don't forget to link up so I can see what you're wearing and bringing too!  If you have any favorites of my outfits or things I'm forgetting to pack, let me know in the comments!  If you spot me in one of my outfits, say hello!  See you in Vegas!


  1. It looks like you're all set to go! Congrats on losing 40 pounds! That's amazing! I absolutely love all of your maxi dresses - definitely think those a good choice for a cold conference room :) Hope to meet you there! And thank you for linking up!


  2. Hey, girl! Thank you for reading and linking up!! First off, congrats on losing 40 pounds--what an achievement to be proud of (and great excuse to shop for some new clothes, too ;-) !! I LOVE all of the colors and patterns of your tops and other outfits. I also love how you displayed them hung up and staggered...very clever and easy to see. Your bag of goodies like name badges, business cards, etc. is AMAZING. I'm waiting on my cards and badges....hopefully to be delivered today or tomorrow. Thanks for linking up and hope to see you in Vegas!

    It's Elementary, My Dear!

  3. You look so prepared! Everything you posted is cute and summery! I will be in Vegas too but beyond my business cards/buttons, I have a lot of outfit planning and details I need to take care of! Thanks for sharing to help get me thinking. Hope to see you there!
    Once Upon a Classroom: A Teacher's Tales

  4. Looks like a great list! Would love to catch up with you and Island Teacher on Wed. around or after lunch if you're up for it. I get in at 11:30 to the airport. - Sherry

  5. Thank you so much for linking up with us! As a thank you, I'll be sending you my TPT Vegas Style Guide! Please email me so I can send it your way :)
    teachinspirechange at gmail dot com!


  6. Okay, so I'm packing tonight, and I'm hopeful that you'll be able to get this comment and advise me what to do. It's my first time to Vegas, and I'm seeing a lot of people are packing a day outfit and a night outfit for each day. I have two new T-shirts (one conference shirt and one for my blog), but no one has talked about wearing jeans and a that too understated? What will most people be wearing? Thank you!!!

    1. Sorry that I just saw this! I hope you it got it figured out! I know several people who are wearing their logo T-shirts to the sessions and/or daytime meetups. Good luck!

    2. Sorry that I just saw this! I hope you it got it figured out! I know several people who are wearing their logo T-shirts to the sessions and/or daytime meetups. Good luck!

  7. How fun! Your outfits look perfect for the trip! Thanks for sharing. :)