Hispanic Artists Photo Challenge

This week I ran across my Hispanic Artists Photo Challenge on my external hard drive.  I got such a giggle looking through the slides that my students had submitted!  They had a blast doing it and it made me proud that they could actually enjoy a project about famous Hispanic artists!

For this project, students research the paintings of several Hispanic artists.  They choose a painting, recreate it themselves and take a photo.  They have the rule that they can't buy anything for the project!  It must all be done with what they already have at home.  I think that little rule opens the flood gates on creativity and I loved seeing how they used things to recreate their painting!  Are you ready to see some examples?

How awesome are those!?  It was so hard to choose which ones to include.  They were all so great!  I hope you decide to try this project in your classroom!  If you do, please email me or tag me on instagram so that I can see the results!


  1. Very cool! I love the Frida one.

  2. Thanks! I loved the twins' creativity on that one!